News from Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Great Project - Making a difference

The greatest challenge facing us is educating young people about what healthy and respectful relationships are and how to recognise what constitutes an unhealthy relationship. This article seeks to report on the positive news around our new initiative, The Great project. Great stands for Good Relationships Are Equal and Trusting. The following findings come from the early stages of the Herefordshire pilot, but our pilot in Worcestershire commenced in January at Birchensale Middle, Redditch, Ipsley Middle, Redditch, St John's Primary, Kidderminster, Gorse Hill Primary, Worcester and Stanley Road Primary, Worcester.

The GREAT Project - We think abuse is wrong picture
The GREAT Project is being extremely well received by the children, staff and teachers in each of the schools that WMWA have delivered in. To date, they have successfully delivered The GREAT Project to 87 children across three classes.

Evaluation data compiled so far from pupils and teachers in the participating schools detailed above shows:

The GREAT Project
  • At the end of the final session pupils gave The Great Project an average score of 9.92 out of 10
  • 84.62% had spoken to their parents/carers about the project
Changes in Knowledge
  • At the end of the final session 92.31% of pupils felt that The Great Project had changed the way they thought about the differences between boys and girls
  • At the end of The Great Project 88.0% of pupils were able to correctly identify examples of domestic violence.
  • At the end of The Great Project 100% of pupils were able to identify 2 places they could go to for help
 Changes in Attitude
  • Prior to the project 57.69% of pupils felt it was never right for violence to be used in a relationship. At the end of The Great Project 84.62% agreed with this.
  • Prior to the project 30.77% of pupils disagreed with societal gender stereotypes. At the end of The Great Project 84.62% disagreed.
 Changes in Behaviour
  • 96.15 % of pupils reported that The Great Project had made them think about how they behaved with classmates.

I look forward to a further report on the projects progress.