News from Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Monday, 4 November 2013

Teenspeak Campaign

The voices of children and young people, their experiences and needs are an integral part of the work done at Women’s Aid. We want to ensure that approaches from services and policies consistently includes the views of children and young people affected by domestic violence, especially during times where external changes may have an impact on their daily lives when dealing with domestic abuse.

Teenspeak is a campaign we developed that enables young people affected by domestic abuse, including intimate partner violence, to voice their concerns and needs to policy makers and professionals actively involved in addressing violence against women and girls and hear their response.
We collected questions from young people who have experienced domestic abuse from across England. The questions were used in interviews of five leading people in education, government and criminal justice, which were filmed by 3 young survivors and made into 5 short films with the dedicated support from VividEcho and funding from the BBC Children In Need.
We are very excited to be launching the Teenspeak films at the Refuge in Film festival on the 1st November at the British Film Institute, South Bank.
The Teenspeak series of short films
Film 1 : Domestic Abuse- Introduction
Film 2 : Domestic Abuse- The Law
Film 3 : Domestic Abuse- Education
Film 4 : Domestic Abuse- Practical Information
Film 5 : Domestic Abuse- What can we do now?

All the interviews will be placed on The Hideout, a Women’s Aid website which helps children and young people to understand domestic abuse and provides advice on how to take positive action if they are experiencing it. Young people will have an opportunity to comment on the interviews. This educational resource can also be used as an extension activity to our Expect Respect Toolkit and Can You See Me? DVD and educational toolkit which focuses on intimate partner violence.
We are keen to have the views of young people about the information provided in the short films, and will be uploading then on the Women’s Aid Youtube where they can leave comments and questions.
We would be grateful if you could promote the films to your networks and post them on your site!

For any further information, please contact the Women’s Aid National Children and Young Person officer, Thienhuong Nguyen,